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Our Technology

Our UVC Robot consist of a mobile base equipped with multiple lidar sensors and an array of powerful short wavelength ultraviolet-C (UVC) lights.

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Sterilizing Services

Autonomous sterilization of hospitals, transit areas and buildings of all types

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Who we serve

Corporate buildings

Hospitals, corporate office buildings, apartment complexes can all be sterilized safely and effectively using our Sterilizing Robotic services

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All forms of transit can be sterilized and cleaned of the billions of daily bacteria, viruses and fungii left behind by passengers traveling by bus, train or air

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Retail stores, restaurants and other small business locations can easily rent our services or shop our products to keep their employees and customers safe from all forms of current and future infection

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Small offices

Small office spaces with employees still working from the office space, can be easily and safely kept 99.9% bacteria and virus free for the safety of the individuals working from these spaces.

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Medical offices

Doctors, medical assistants and patients are prone to numerous infectious possibilities. Both our robots and our service handlers can eradicate 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria

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Real Estate developers

Buildings almost or just being completed would need eradication of all bacteria, fungii and viruses from the construction workers, infected equipment, furniture and appliances to keep the spaces completely safer for the general public

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Meet the Robots

Kruzr 1

KRUZR1 is a powerful but safe for human, ultraviolet wave emitting robot that kills 99.9% of all forms of bacteria, viruses and fungii


Kruzr 2

KRUZR2 is a powerful and safe ultraviolet wave emitting autonomous robot that also utilizes a sanitizing spray mechanism both safe for humans, to kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and fungii.


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